TayKimTan's Fun Town Play and Party Park Rules

  •  Socks or slippers a must No Shoes Allowed
    (This applies to EVERYONE)

We do not allow anyone to wear shoes any where after our reception area. There is plenty of bench seating for you to remove and store your shoes. Everyone must have socks or slippers to enter the play area.  If you forgot socks we sell them for $2 a pair at our concession stand. 
TayKimTan’s Fun Town is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.

  •  Please NO Outside Food or Gum Chewing
    (We are a Nut Aware Facility)

With exception of baby bottles and baby food. All food must be consumed in eating areas, under no circumstances is food or gum permitted on the play structure or carpeted areas.
Please put garbage in its proper place, garbage cans and recycle bins are clearly located throughout the play park.

  • Please Respect and help keep our playground clean

All tables are for anyone to use, it is requested that you clean up after yourselves.   Be aware that you may be asked to vacate the area if TayKimTan’s Fun Town staff needs to prepare for any private function.


TayKimTan’s Fun Town is not responsible for watching children.

  • NO Pushing, Fighting or Coarse language                  

Please report any suspicious or unacceptable behavior. We respect everyone and expect all our guests to respect each other and our equipment.  It will be up to TayKimTan’s Fun Town staff to ask anyone not respecting our equipment or our guests to stop such behavior, failure to do so will result in asking anyone being disrespectful to vacate our property without refund.

  •  Use Caution when playing and Use Equipment Properly 

Please report any suspected damage of the equipment immediately to a staff member

  • Feet first down all slides, No Climbing up Slides, Keep bottom of slide clear at all times.
  • When riding bikes everyone must go in the same direction, no bumping into each other or the surrounding fencing, bikes must be kept in designated area. Helmets are available at your request; located in our reception area
  • Take turns, Be Fair some areas have limited space. TayKimTan’s Fun Town is not responsible for any injuries that may occur.
  • Lets keep our Facility and Guests Healthy
    (Do not attend if you feel YUCKY)

TayKimTan’s Fun Town disinfects all equipment daily.  We are proud of our facility and we would like it to stay in a like new state.  We take pride in assuring our equipment remains clean and safe.   We understand little ones can have accidents, so please inform a staff member immediately so they can promptly clean and disinfect the area.  

  •  Please be aware that TayKimTan’s Fun Town has a regulated  occupancy level and that we will close for private functions

Readmission is allowed through out the same day.

  •  HAVE FUN!!!

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